Hall of Hope

Thank You to Our Supporters

We sincerely thank the following people who supported our dream of supporting bereaved mothers.  

Nicole Becker

Layne Langridge - In Memory

Laurie Hawkins

Lucille Riel


Judy Thorbun

Elyssa Kornienko

Holly Huyghebaert

Joanne Feeley

Shirley Weinbender

Kaci Johnston

Emmy Maddy Johnston

Marnie Willer

Tyler Willer - In Memory

Karen Schwartz

Monique Tallon

Jan and Barry Stewart

Ken Stewart- In Memory

Alison Lewis

Della Ferguson

Caleb Mize

Tanya Elias

Jill Schmidt

Sue Twemlow

Kim Nicholls

Heather Hobbs

Clint Engstrom

Charlotte and Kent

Brent and Jamie Block

David Thorburn

Sandra Kimball

Catherine Peterson

Lisa Reid

Jan Schwartz

Sue Robinson

Expressions Photography

Hali Booth

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